Thursday, October 22, 2009

eating alone

eating alone

eating alone
beet rosti with fresh rosemary
hot & crisp, right out of the pan
it is Julia’s coq au vin
for the first time
it is solitude
and simple rice crackers with goat cheese
it is making Argentinian arepas
with spice black beans
and the adventure of rabo encendido
(Cuban oxtails in red wine)
it means an easy recovery from
the panna cotta that didn’t set
sometimes its just
sardines on toast
with a sprinkle of vinegar & black pepper
and your little dog at your feet.

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  1. Love this, my thoughts indeed. My friends tell me im the only person they know who cooks for herself..who better??? thanks for commenting on my blog. see u also have a Westie so we must be kindred spirits.